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Google Home
Music and sound design for a line of games and experiences for Google Home and Google Assistant.
Google Toontastic 3D
Google’s Toontastic 3D provides a fantastic way for kids to tell stories. You choose your characters and settings from a large collection of beautiful 3D images....
Zoo World
6,948,965 Facebook likes. By the time you’re reading this, gotta figure 7 million. One of the most played games in Facebook history. Ten million monthly users...
Kingdoms At War
  It’s rather incredible. A Thinking Ape’s “Kingdoms At War” has been in the top 20 Highest Grossing iPhone Games for five straight years!  
Pencil Pilot (Fei Ji Da Zhan) 飞机大战
WeChat’s PENCIL PILOT, also known as Airplane War, and Fei Ji Da Zhan and 飞机大战 was a “tremendously successful” game. “According to China Daily reports,...
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