We’ve created several audio solutions like this one. Each element on the screen has a music loop that it triggers. To build a song,  you drag animals, instruments or other objects — up to six at a time in this case —up onto the hay bales. In the pic you can see that three elements are currently playing.

This interface even added solo instruments along the top of the screen.

Another neat feature is that when you’re done creating, you click the clover to submit your song. Then watch the  PBS Sunny Side Up Show every morning at 9:00 am and you might hear your Sproutlet’s tune!

Mediagloss composed the song with about 20 different individual elements, delivered everything as a synced loops, pre-mixed and we’ll show you a three track breakdown of the farm orchestra, and then although the game didn’t allow you to turn everything up to 11, we will show you here what the whole cacophony sounded like in our studio.

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