WeChat Tencent Pencil Pilot
December 16, 2021 Audio, SFX, Sound Design No Comments

WeChat’s PENCIL PILOT, also known as Airplane War, and Fei Ji Da Zhan and 飞机大战 was the “tremendously successful” game that launched Tencent to be the biggest games platform on the planet. Mediagloss did the old school sound design and created its 8-bit theme song. which, actually, for a little while was probably about as well known as any song in the world! Kinda weird.

“According to China Daily reports, there were more than 180 million “Airplane War” downloads within two hours of the title’s August 5 release.” — China Daily

“New WeChat ‘Airplane War’ game sending addicted players to hospital with severe ‘gamer’s thumb.'” — Qianjiang Evening News

“Tencent released a game called Pencil Pilot – now if you look at this game in isolation, it looks like a title taken from the home console market from years ago. However, it was tremendously successful for us.It drove a significant number of downloads for the Android version of WeChat and helped to establish Tencent as the biggest gaming company in China.” — Business Insider interview with Tencent SVP Sy Lau

Our tongue-in-cheek theme music and sound effects played up the nostalgia of old time video games that WeChat sought for this ridiculously popular and successful game that catapulted WeChat toward being a major gaming platform. Tencent’s WeChat messaging app now has about 700 million users (about double the U.S. population). For a while this little ditty was probably as well known as any tune in the world.

Written by mediagloss