WeChat Tencent Pencil Pilot
June 16, 2016 Audio, SFX, Sound Design No Comments

WeChat’s PENCIL PILOT, also known as Airplane War, and Fei Ji Da Zhan and 飞机大战 was a “tremendously successful” game.

“According to China Daily reports, there were more than 180 million “Airplane War” downloads within two hours of the title’s August 5 release.” — China Daily

“New WeChat ‘Airplane War’ game sending addicted players to hospital with severe ‘gamer’s thumb.'” — Qianjiang Evening News


“Tencent released a game called Pencil Pilot – now if you look at this game in isolation, it looks like a title taken from the home console market from years ago. However, it was tremendously successful for us.It drove a significant number of downloads for the Android version of WeChat and helped to establish Tencent as the biggest gaming company in China.” — Business Insider interview with Tencent SVP Sy Lau

Our tongue-in=cheek theme music and sound effects played up the nostalgia of old time video games that WeChat sought for this ridiculously popular and successful game that catapulted WeChat toward being a major gaming platform. Tencent’s WeChat messaging app now has about 700 million users (about double the U.S. population). For a while this little ditty was probably as well known as any tune in the world.

Written by mediagloss